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Alright guys, let’s talk all things make-up. I have a serious Sephora addiction and no desire to control it at all. Ready to dive in and talk about some of my favorite tips.

PRIMER: After moisturizing and applying all of my favorite serums, I let it all dry and then start with a primer. I have tried all kinds, but none of them did anything for me until I tried the one by Fenty. It is so smooth and really makes everything stick.

CONCEALER (round 1): I use a Clinique concealer on any red spots – acne scars, acne in general, you get it. Blend that out and then it is time for CC cream.

CC CREAM: I am almost always between shades and want different levels of matte versus glowy, so I purchase a range of shades and types of the IT cosmetics cc cream and mix and match those. I do a couple of pumps of whichever shades and type I want onto the top of my hand and then mix them together with my beauty blender.

CONCEALER (round 2): Next up is concealer. I do a triangle below my eyes, a thin line down my nose, a dot on my chin and between my brows, and a little under my nose because it is ALWAYS red. Boo on that, but hey, at least concealer helps! I am beyond obsessed with IT cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye and have used it for years.

SETTING POWDER: I like to use setting powder before bronzer and blush because I feel like it washes out the tones from those. I recently started using a Fenty setting powder along with the primer and it was a total game changer. Seriously y’all! If there is anything you get from this, it is that you HAVE to try out the Fenty primer and setting powder. There are mini versions of each and that is the route I went to try them out.

BRONZER: After getting everything as it should be with my cc cream and concealer, I dust a little bronzer over my entire face. I use a big fan brush to sweep it across my face and then a contour brush for my cheek bones. If I am going for a more natural look, I use the Marc Jacobs bronzer for both parts. If I am wanting a little more pop, I use the Marc Jacobs to dust and then Fenty to contour. I also do some along my jaw line, sides of my nose, and a bit on my forehead near the hairline. Look up some contour tips on Pinterest, y’all. It is legit!

PS. I don’t blend my bronzer just yet. Just apply it at this point and look like a clown.

BLUSH: Alright, now it is time to solidify the clown look. I used a Tarte blush for years and was recently turned onto Jouer blush by my future sister-in-law and there is no looking back! Any way, I apply that on my cheeks (duh!).

AND NOW it is time to blend that out with my beauty blender and voila! No more clown look.

BROWS: I have experiments quite a bit with brow products and my favorite has been the Anastasia Brow Whiz for several years. Recently I have added in the brow definer as well by Anastasia. To be honest, I am not sure how I feel about the brow definer. On one hand, it is thicker so it is faster and I think it stays better. On the other, it is a little darker (even in the blonde shade that I use), so I have to brush it out a bit more. I just bought my second stick of it and I think its a winner. Start with the brow whiz if you haven’t tried either product and see what you think of it and then throw in the brow definer to compare them if you want to try something a bit heavier.

EYES: I am pretty basic with my eyes. I use a combination of eye shadow palettes depending on my mood and all are pretty neutral. My favorites are linked at the bottom. I love mascara and always get the different sample kits from Sephora so I can try new ones. My favorite three are by IT cosmetics, Urban Decay, and Too Faced. I always layer two mascaras because I have never been a fan of just one.

SETTING SPRAY: Alright. This has been long and honestly, so is my makeup routine. Finally we are finishing up though and I apply setting spray, fan it with my hands, and then take a deep breath because I am DONE!

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